Power Magazine's Unlocking EVs: Solving the Congestion Charging Problem
Pioneer's e-Boost Mobile EV Charging

Power Magazine's Unlocking EVs: Solving the Congestion Charging Problem

For years, Tesla owners have complained about long lines at Supercharger stations, especially during busy travel times when simultaneous charging lowers the speed for everyone. It was so bad during the long 2019 Thanksgiving holiday weekend that Tesla deployed a mobile charging station between Los Angeles and San Francisco in a failed attempt to deal with the rush.

The shortage of recharging stations is not going away anytime soon. Experts are increasingly concerned about the ability of the grid to survive the effects of spiking demand for electrons that result from rising EV adoption.

One critical solution is the e-Boost Mobile unit (Figure 1). e-Boost units are available in a variety of configurations, ranging in power from 50 kW to 600 kW, and provide mobile EV charging. They include any combination of charging plugs and adaptors, an important fact as no standardization for charging stations or adaptors exist in the U.S. e-Boost units can be disbursed in any number of strategic locations, such as near highway exits, next to overcrowded charging stations, at events, or to support municipalities, communities, and schools, especially in rural areas.

1. e-Boost, a product of Pioneer Power Mobility, a division of Pioneer Power Solutions, overcomes gaps in geography, financing, restrictions in regulations, and zoning laws to bring electric vehicle charging to almost any location at any time. Courtesy: Pioneer Power Mobility

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