e-Boost Pod

Temporary or Permanent Container Pod

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Platform Details

e-Boost Pod

Charger Output

EV Chargers

DCFC or Level 2


Charger Power

180kW - 600kW

Form Factor

Temporary or Permanent Container Pod

On-board Fuel

Powerful Level 3 Fast Charging

The e-Boost POD, provides a more powerful Level 3 Fast Charging (from 90-350 kW). It is an ideal solution for enterprising businesses who need to satisfy the higher demands of a retail business who often operate 24x7. The POD is typically a 25-30’ container. e-Boost bypasses long permitting wait times, electrical upgrades, charging network affiliations or service agreements. e-Boost provides Level 3 DC fast charging without the costly investment in infrastructure.

Easily Relocated

Unlike a stationary charging station, the e-Boost POD can be relocated as business needs dictate.

  • “Boosting” can be done in as little as 10 minutes, depending on additional driving range desired and EV battery rating.
  • A 2022 Tesla Model 3 can be charged up to 120 kW, while a 2022 Ford F150 Lightning can be charged slightly faster at 150 kW.
  • On average charging to 80% takes 20-30 minutes.
  • Various business models, including leasing, subscription, revenue sharing and financing models are available.

A Greener Fuel

Propane is green today because it emits significantly fewer GHG than power from the grid, diesel or gasoline. It is removed in the presence of sunlight or precipitation, while natural gas (which is predominantly methane) has a global warming effect 25x that of CO2.Moreover, renewable Propane (rLPG) is commercially available today and together with renewable DME they are a pathway to net-zero.

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Charger Agnostic EV Fast Charger

  • No permits, electrical upgrades, nor on-site construction
  • Remote monitoring of equipment increases uptime and avoids stranded assets
  • Future-proof design incorporates renewable fuels and automates refueling
  • Temporary or permanent flexible charging units from 30-600+ kW

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