e-Boost ZEeB & EXZELCR

e-Boost ZEeB & EXZELCR Zero Emission Mobile EV Charging with Battery Storage

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Platform Details

e-Boost ZEeB & EXZELCR

Charger Output

ZEeB: 2+ hrs @500kW, 5+ hrs @240kW, 10+ hrs @120kW, 21+ hrs @60kW; EXZELCR: 1.4MWh in <12hrs, 1MWh in <8hrs, 500kW in <4hrs

EV Chargers



ZEeB: 25K#s, 33K#s w trailer; EXZELCR:

Charger Power

240-500 kW AC @ 480V with 1.3-4.2 MWh energy storage

Form Factor

Zero Emission EV Charging with Battery Storage

On-board Fuel

Propane or Renewable Propane

Pioneer's e-Boost ZEeB and EXZELCR platforms set a new bar in meeting the growing demand for low-carbon, mobile, EV charging solutions. Developed in partnership with the leading domestic manufacturer of zero-emission, utility-scale mobile energy storage, NOMAD Transportable Power Solutions, e-Boost's ZEeB and EXZELCR provide market segments striving to meet advanced clean fleet regulations, or sustainability goals, an immediate fast EV charging solution without grid connection timelines, geography or power constraints.

"Whenever electricity becomes unavailable at a site, these units transform instantly into integral parts of a microgrid (“MG”) or Distributed Energy Resource (“DER”), which we believe places them years ahead of their competition when it comes to peak demand shaving and resiliency,” according to Nathan Mazurek, CEO of Pioneer Power Solutions.

Fast, EV Charging, Anytime, Anywhere

Starting at 500 kW power and 1.3 MWh storage capacity, delivering high-speed EV charging to remote or grid congested areas

Compact Form Factor

Easy to transport and mobilize, simplifying EV charging for fleets, transit agencies, school bus depots, municipalities, ports, and events with sustainability goals

Enhanced Future Resiliency

When grid connectivity comes to the client site, ZEeB can be easily integrated with a grid connection into Pioneer’s E-Bloc solution, which offers complete microgrid connectivity options and enables a comprehensive Distributed Energy Resource that can integrate rooftop or canopy solar and other renewable sources into the facility. Designed to double as a disaster recovery unit, ZEeB can provide raw 480V, 3-phase, 240V or 120V power for any site use in times or urgent needs.

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Charger Agnostic EV Fast Charger

  • No permits, electrical upgrades, nor on-site construction
  • Remote monitoring of equipment increases uptime and avoids stranded assets
  • Future-proof design incorporates renewable fuels and automates refueling
  • Temporary or permanent flexible charging units from 30-600+ kW

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