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EV Supply Equipment (EVSE)

Or EVSE includes not just the things you can see, such as the enclosure and various styles of connector plugs, but also what’s inside including the main relay, which switches power to the vehicle on or off, a control module that manages the relay, power supply providing power for Level 1, 2 or 3 and software that ties them all together.

According to the National Electronics Manufacturers (NEMA), EVSE systems are the electricl conductors, related equipment, software & communications protocols.

There are three main components:


Includes communications protocols & makes everything run. It's the brains of the hardware/charger itself.


The enclosure can take several forms, ranging from wall mounts to the towers you see by some gas stations.


Different charging stations use different plug connectors.  They come in many different forms.  As a result, some EVSE manufacturers build charging stations with a wide variety of connector types.

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