e-Boost Mini

A building block approach – Start with one skid and add more as needed

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Platform Details

e-Boost Mini

Charger Output


EV Chargers

DCFC or Level 2



Charger Power

30kW - 50kW

Form Factor

Expandable Base Unit on a Skid

On-board Fuel

100-Gallon Propane Tank
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Charger Agnostic EV Fast Charger

  • No permits, electrical upgrades, nor on-site construction
  • Remote monitoring of equipment increases uptime and avoids stranded assets
  • Future-proof design incorporates renewable fuels and automates refueling
  • Temporary or permanent flexible charging units from 30-600+ kW

Let's get started

EV charging shouldn’t take long to set up or be complicated. Find out how e-Boost can support your ev charging needs today.