Integrated Distributed Generation and Fast EV Charging for Homeowners

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Platform Details


Charger Output

L2 11.3kW (48A); L3 30kW

EV Chargers



Charger Power

L2: 30kW prime power; L3: 45kW 480V, 3-phase prime power

Form Factor

Integrated Distributed Generation and Fast EV Charging for Homeowners

On-board Fuel

Propane or Natural Gas

HOMe-Boost addresses the ever increasing demand for reliable power, as well as EV charging for homeowners. Additionally, HOMe-Boost makes fast charging at home (typically a very expensive residential infrastructure project requiring special permitting from the city/town, and utility) readily available.

HOMe-Boost provides flexibility to power your home or EV charger using a prime generator or the grid. Advanced intelligent power switching components provide an “island” mode option (completely off-grid) to the residential customer during times of extreme weather and natural disasters. It can utilize on-site natural gas or propane as well as utility power, whichever is more economical.

HOMe-Boost is available in two different options, L2 or L3, each complete with all of the major components needed for a quick installation. An automatic transfer switch senses utility outages and can be switched to onsite power using a mobile phone application interface. It includes load balancers to help prioritize power needs, including EV charging. It is available on a pallet for easy storage, drop-pickup and drop-off or can be quickly integrated into a home's electrical system.

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Charger Agnostic EV Fast Charger

  • No permits, electrical upgrades, nor on-site construction
  • Remote monitoring of equipment increases uptime and avoids stranded assets
  • Future-proof design incorporates renewable fuels and automates refueling
  • Temporary or permanent flexible charging units from 30-600+ kW

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